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Trusting the One Who is Lord Over All

Nov 15, 2009

Passage:Luke 1:5-25

Preacher: Todd Cyphers

Series: Luke

Keywords: 11-15-09, luke 1:5-25


Pastor Todd's message was from Luke 1:5-25 and he spoke about trusting Jesus.


Trusting the One Who Is Over All

Luke 1:5-25


I.       Important to know

1.       400 years of silence before John the Baptist

2.        Herod the Great was a brutal tyrant

          Matthew 2:16

3.        Judaism was a self reliant religion focusing on birthrights  & behaviors

II.       Truths for us today:

  1. All believers have lapses of faith.
  2. It is never wrong to bring an honest inquiry to the Lord
  3. It is sinful to distrust the Lord’s clear promises.
  4. Letting go of what you don’t control is always a good thing

Questions for this week:

I.  For Starters:

1.   What question would you like answered or clarified by the time we finish           studying Luke?

2.   What major events have happened during your lifetime that have greatly             shaped you or affected you in some way?

II. Overview of Scripture

  1. Read Luke 1:5-25. What did you see for the first time or what do you see that reminded you of some truth you needed reemphasized?
  2. How would you describe Zacharias and Elizabeth to someone else? (1:5-7)
  3. How did Zacharias and Elizabeth deal with the problem of childlessness (1:6, 13, 25)
  4. What do we learn about angels from this passage of Scripture? (1:11-12, 19)
  5. What was to be the main reason John was created to be in Israel at the time of his birth? (1:16-17)
  6. Since Zacharias was a Godly man and prayed often, what might be Zacharias’ problem in verse 18?


III. Growing deeper

  1. Review Sunday’s message with someone.
  2. Do you continually believe that God is going to do amazing things in your life and with your life? Why or why not?
  3. How do you handle major disappointments and frustrations? (Be honest) What could you learn from this passage?
  4. Pray for one another.

For thus says the Lord of hosts, "…he who touches you, touches the apple of His eye.         Zech. 2:8