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Hs Is Worthy of Our Praise

Dec 13, 2009

Passage:Luke 1:39-56

Preacher: Todd Cyphers

Series: Luke

Category: Luke

Keywords: 12-13-09, pastor todd cyphers, he is worthy of our praise, luke 1:39-56


Pastor Todd Cyphers continues his series on Luke, from the passage Luke 1:39-56.


He Is Worthy

Luke 1:39-56

I.    Praise is an overflow of God’s salvation                           Vs. 46-50

II.   Recognizing the coming upheaval should stir us to pray, serve & express deep   gratitude.                                                                          Vs. 51-54

III.  Experiencing God’s grace & experiencing this dark world should provoke us to live Kingdom centered lifestyles.                                                Vs. 55

Questions for this week:

I.  For Starters:

  1. What helps you “worship” God to the fullest and why?  (example-music, Sunday mornings, quiet times, etc)
  2. What is most distracting or sidetracking in your worship life right now and why? (Example - worry, lack of time given to God, etc)
  3. Have you noticed that “hanging with” worshipful people can have many benefits and if so what has being with people who really treasure Christ done for you?

II. Overview of Scripture

  1. Read 1:26-38. How would this encounter inspire Mary to sing her praise?
  2. Read Luke 1:39-80 out loud.  What inspires you in this section?
  3. Where did Mary rush to & what does that say about her desire to worship and fellowship 1:39-40?
  4. In what specific way is Mary blessed of God? Vs. 42
  5. Why did Elizabeth see herself as blessed in vs. 43? Do you acknowledge on a regular basis how blessed you are to live in a place where there are many people who know Christ and you can freely worship with them?
  6. What reality is Elizabeth expressing that is true for all believers? Vs. 45
  7. What characteristics of God are mentioned in vs. 46-49?
  8. What titles of God does she mention in vs. 46-47 and 49? What does this say about Mary and also her upbringing?
  9. How can we know who has truly experienced the mercy of God? Vs 50
  10. What will absolutely happen to the proud and arrogant? Vs. 51
  11. What was the reason Zacharias had a song to sing? Vs. 67
  12. Zacharias tells us why God has been merciful to us in vs. 72. How should this promote humility and true worship?
  13. What are two characteristics guaranteed to every believer? vs. 74

 III. Growing deeper

  1. Review Sunday’s message with someone.
  2. What does the type of music you listen to say about your appetite for God? How much of the music the world produces is beneficial for our spiritual lives? How do you decide what music you will take into your heart? How does “praise” music help encourage your spiritual life?
  3. Pray for one another that your appetite for your Redeemer will grow into truer and deeper worship.